Small Claims



Simply, get paid simpler…

Why MyPocketLawyer?

Someone owes you money for work or for items that were taken from you? Do you have a dispute about something worth less than $35,000 CAD? NO PROBLEM

Save Time

Answer several questions provided by our online assistant. Upload the evidence you have.

Our AI system in conjunction with legal professionals will do the rest.

Skip the Lawyer

Receive information about when and how to attend in court (unless settled prior to it). The system will have done everything else.


  • demand letter
  • – answer questions of the online assistant and receive a demand letter to be sent to the opposing side
Business Subscription
monthly payment of*
  • Unlimited demand letters with a legal professional review
  • continuous automatic active small claim case management
  • if paid for 1 year
One time all-inclusive payment of
  • – All forms generated and reviewed by a legal professional and sent to you with instructions for the next steps
Hassle-free Package
One time all-inclusive payment of
  • – all forms generated and filed with the court
  • Issued application served on the opposing side
  • – compliance with legislative deadlines

* Price does NOT include government filing fees, process server fees and legal representation fees at a settlement conference.

These fees will be discussed prior to incurring and not incurred without your consent. They are estimated to range between $300 to $500 but could be higher.